Sunday, 15 July 2012

1 step forward, No steps back...

Heyy peoplee,

I'm back after an interesting 10 days (or so..) I took a little hiatus to get away from everything. &nd trust me, it was MUCH needed. I was feeling so alone and like I had no one to lean on. My friends were becoming irritating and my ex was doing the absolute MOST. Until he finally did too much and I was like "I have to get out of here", so I did...for 4 days i just got away, with no one knowing where, or when. Which is actually very difficult to achieve on such a small island. I actually had to leave the island and head over to Florida. It went very well, I turned off my phone and didn't use the internet at all.
When I came back, there was call from that ex, but you know what 'they' say "Don't answer when the past calls, it has nothing new to say." But then I saw pics of him n a new girl, n jealousy reared its ugly head once more...but time heals all, so 'they' say, meanwhile, i'll just wait.
However, in the forward direction, I got a B+ in my summer class, and my scholarship came through for this semester. :) OH, n most importantly, yo girl got herself a little jobbb. Went on an interview n KILLED it ! ^.^ Jus waiting on the call back now..
Our country also celebrated 39 years of independence on the 10th of July, n I enjoyed it by spending the entire day with a friend from high school on the beach ! ughh, i love living in Paradise. i'll post a pic soon.
I feel like this summer is teaching me so much about myself and the different people around me, i'm excited to see what else it holds for me !
That's all for now :) 

Peace Out :)
Stay Safe, Happy &nd True to yourself; <3

Friday, 22 June 2012

Second Chances...

Heyy peoplee,

Man it's been a while, hasn't it ?! I've been soo busy with school I haven't had a chance to post anything. Luckily, summer classes will be over in a week (Thank God). I swear it's only cuz I wanna finish school sooner rather than later. AnywayDoe *Kat$tackz Voice*....

Anyone have that one ex you HATE but you LOVE with everything beating inside you ? I'm talking hurt you to the CORE but you see them and you ALWAYS wonder, 'What if ..' &nd it doesn't help if their constantly trying to get that second chance. I know "They" say 'Everybody deserves a second chance.' far does that account for ? A third ? A fourth ? I mean, doesn't 'Love conquer a multitude of sins' ? If much can 1 person take, &nd how long does it take for the other to truly learn their lesson ? What about 'Fool me once, Shame on you; Fool me twice, Shame on me' ? Ugh, it's a lot, isn't it ?
Me personally, i'm the kinda gf that hates to give up, especially if i'm in love. The worst feeling in the world is feeling like someone gave up on you. I'm always willing to forgive and move on, Talk it out till its fixed...but in the same token..after a while..a person gets so used to forgiveness..they keep making the same mistakes. Where is that fine line between enabler and helper ? You look at ppl and wonder HOW and WHY they would stay with a person after going thru so much, but then we have to remember we're on the outside looking in, so we can't be sure if it's worth it or not. I mean.."If the good outweigh the bad, keep fighting and if the bad outweigh the good..keep it moving" ? Right ? Who knows...
I just hope that out of all the things "THEY" is right, "When it's right, you'll know, when it's absolute true love, you'll know"
Just a thought I needed to get out....

Peace Out :)
Stay Safe, Happy &nd True to yourself; <3 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

10 things 'bout Harlow;

In case you were wonderinggg... ^.^

1. I've had the same cell phone number since 7th grade.
2. I don't have a favorite color.
3. I currently have a purple rinse in the back of my hair.
4. I recently caught a fish on the beach and named it Fletcher. :)
5. I live on an island and cannot swim :(
6. I don't know how to ride a bike. :(
7. Party Animal ! :p
8. I have 4 piercings in each of my ears.
9. I'm studying to be a family lawyer.
10. I've never had a pet and I want one SO badlyy !

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Random Thought...

Heyy peoplee,

Quick thought, if someone that you DO NOT like dies/ passes away (wtv you wanna call it), How do you handle it ? Like what do you do ?
It's pretty common that if you fight with someone, and they die before you guys get a chance to make up....obv you feel bad and do everything you can to try and make it right.
It's clear that if you and someone are close or at least friends, when they die you'll be heart broken and deal with it in your own way, probably visit the family, share a few encouraging words, etc....
BUT, if you didn't like the person, i.e., no recent arguement, it was just that you don't like the individual, they don't like you and it's a known fact amongst a good much of people....How do you react ?

I personally just wouldn't acknowledge it. I would never be disrespectful and bash a dead person, and i would never be like, I don't care if he/she is dead. At the same time, I wouldn't fake it and be like...."ohh im soo sad, i cant believe it", blah blah. I probably wouldn't go to the funeral either. A simple prayer for their family when i'm alone, and i'll keep it movin'. I wouldnt talk about it &nd I wouldn't ask about it. I'd just accept that it is, what it is. Can't change the past, can't do it over, should've done it better but it's done. I certainly would not dwell on it and let it drive me crazy. Bleh, thats just my opinion tho....Just somethin to think about...

Peace Out :)
Be safe, happy & true to yourself. <3

Friday, 25 May 2012

In My Opinion (Closing doors)....

Heyyy peopleee,

I was gonna use this post as a little insight to some things about me. You know, my interests, my goals and dreams, likes and dislikes, BUT i'll get to that later. Today, I was talking to a friend and we came to the topic of 'Opening one door without closing another'.
My opinion on this is, it's no where NEAR safe to get in a relationship with someone, if you know GOOD & WELL you're still into someone else. Like, Who does that benefit ?
1) Not you...cuz ur always gonna compare ur significant other to the 'other' person...
2) Your 'other' person will think you've moved on
3) Your significant other will feel like they can't compete.

PLUS it's gonna take a toll on you as a person. If your suppose to end up with someone, you will. So why can't you wait till you get over one thing before you start something else. It's just easier to wait and it gives you more time to get to know the ppl in your life.
HOWEVER, at the same time, putting ppl (all 3 of you) in an uneasy situation can bring out their true colors.  This could be a time to see the best and worst qualities of a person, although i wouldn't suggest it. ha.
I've been in all three situations. Ive been the 'other' person, i've been the undecided person and ive been the significant other. But those are all stories for another time lol. But if you wanna hear how it all went down, Just comment and i'll post it :) 

Peace Out :)
Be Safe, Happy & True to yourself. <3 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hello from Harlow

Heyyy people,

First time EVER writing a blog, I'm a little excited in a loser kind of way lol.
I've wanted to start a blog for a long time and never got around to it. I hope it becomes successful or wtv is blogs become. I'm probably just gonna write about topics that I feel are relevant to my life or anything that I feel strongly about at the time. Right after this message, I'll go write up my profile. :)

Bye now;
Be safe, happy and true to yourself :) <3