Sunday, 15 July 2012

1 step forward, No steps back...

Heyy peoplee,

I'm back after an interesting 10 days (or so..) I took a little hiatus to get away from everything. &nd trust me, it was MUCH needed. I was feeling so alone and like I had no one to lean on. My friends were becoming irritating and my ex was doing the absolute MOST. Until he finally did too much and I was like "I have to get out of here", so I did...for 4 days i just got away, with no one knowing where, or when. Which is actually very difficult to achieve on such a small island. I actually had to leave the island and head over to Florida. It went very well, I turned off my phone and didn't use the internet at all.
When I came back, there was call from that ex, but you know what 'they' say "Don't answer when the past calls, it has nothing new to say." But then I saw pics of him n a new girl, n jealousy reared its ugly head once more...but time heals all, so 'they' say, meanwhile, i'll just wait.
However, in the forward direction, I got a B+ in my summer class, and my scholarship came through for this semester. :) OH, n most importantly, yo girl got herself a little jobbb. Went on an interview n KILLED it ! ^.^ Jus waiting on the call back now..
Our country also celebrated 39 years of independence on the 10th of July, n I enjoyed it by spending the entire day with a friend from high school on the beach ! ughh, i love living in Paradise. i'll post a pic soon.
I feel like this summer is teaching me so much about myself and the different people around me, i'm excited to see what else it holds for me !
That's all for now :) 

Peace Out :)
Stay Safe, Happy &nd True to yourself; <3