Friday, 25 May 2012

In My Opinion (Closing doors)....

Heyyy peopleee,

I was gonna use this post as a little insight to some things about me. You know, my interests, my goals and dreams, likes and dislikes, BUT i'll get to that later. Today, I was talking to a friend and we came to the topic of 'Opening one door without closing another'.
My opinion on this is, it's no where NEAR safe to get in a relationship with someone, if you know GOOD & WELL you're still into someone else. Like, Who does that benefit ?
1) Not you...cuz ur always gonna compare ur significant other to the 'other' person...
2) Your 'other' person will think you've moved on
3) Your significant other will feel like they can't compete.

PLUS it's gonna take a toll on you as a person. If your suppose to end up with someone, you will. So why can't you wait till you get over one thing before you start something else. It's just easier to wait and it gives you more time to get to know the ppl in your life.
HOWEVER, at the same time, putting ppl (all 3 of you) in an uneasy situation can bring out their true colors.  This could be a time to see the best and worst qualities of a person, although i wouldn't suggest it. ha.
I've been in all three situations. Ive been the 'other' person, i've been the undecided person and ive been the significant other. But those are all stories for another time lol. But if you wanna hear how it all went down, Just comment and i'll post it :) 

Peace Out :)
Be Safe, Happy & True to yourself. <3 

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