Sunday, 27 May 2012

Random Thought...

Heyy peoplee,

Quick thought, if someone that you DO NOT like dies/ passes away (wtv you wanna call it), How do you handle it ? Like what do you do ?
It's pretty common that if you fight with someone, and they die before you guys get a chance to make up....obv you feel bad and do everything you can to try and make it right.
It's clear that if you and someone are close or at least friends, when they die you'll be heart broken and deal with it in your own way, probably visit the family, share a few encouraging words, etc....
BUT, if you didn't like the person, i.e., no recent arguement, it was just that you don't like the individual, they don't like you and it's a known fact amongst a good much of people....How do you react ?

I personally just wouldn't acknowledge it. I would never be disrespectful and bash a dead person, and i would never be like, I don't care if he/she is dead. At the same time, I wouldn't fake it and be like...."ohh im soo sad, i cant believe it", blah blah. I probably wouldn't go to the funeral either. A simple prayer for their family when i'm alone, and i'll keep it movin'. I wouldnt talk about it &nd I wouldn't ask about it. I'd just accept that it is, what it is. Can't change the past, can't do it over, should've done it better but it's done. I certainly would not dwell on it and let it drive me crazy. Bleh, thats just my opinion tho....Just somethin to think about...

Peace Out :)
Be safe, happy & true to yourself. <3

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